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Vidiyum Munn is a Tamil thriller movie directed by debutant director Balaji K. Kumar. Balaji Kumar who studied Cinematography in USA and has worked as a story board artist for major Hollywood advertisement firms has combined together with many first timers to form the crew for this film.

Pooja Umashankar is playing a lead role along with a debutant child artiste Malavika Manikuttan. Pooja plays the role of a sex worker who is trying to rescue a twelve year old girl from the prostitution ring.

The movie received good reviews from the critics and was appreciated as one of the pioneering attempts technically and in story telling in recent years in Tamil Cinema.

Cast & Crew

Movie Title
Vidiyum Munn
Production Company
Khayum Studios
Javed Khayum
Release Year
Release Date
Balaji K. Kumar
Pooja UmashankarMalavika ManikuttanVinoth KishanLakshmi RamakrishnanJohn VijayAmarendranMuthukumarRuben 
Music Director
Girishh Gopalakrishnan
Sivakumar Vijayan
Girishh Gopalakrishnan
Movie Colour

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Vidiyum Munn

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