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Irandaam Ulagam is a 2013 Tamil romantic movie directed by Selvaraghavan and starring Arya and Anushka Sharma. Both Arya and Anushka playing double roles with two different looks -  one in the current world and the other in an alternate "second world". The movie is an all out love story.

Director Selvaraghavan considers Irandaam Ulagam as the most entertaining film that he has ever done and promised fans that the movie will be total entertainer right from reel one.

The songs for the film are composed by Harish Jayaraj who is working with Selva Raghavan for the first time ever in this movie. The background music is scored by Anirudh Ravhichander. In line with the mood of the story, majority of the songs are soft romantic melodies. The crew travelled to many exotic locations around the world to shoot the film with some important scenes being shot in Georgia, Brazil and Uzbekistan. 

Hero Arya considers Irandaam Ulagam to be one of the important films in his career and at 60 Crore Indian Rupees, it is in fact the most expensive film of his career so far. 

Talking about the work of Camerman Ramji who has also operated the camera for Selva's previous three films, Selvaragavan said the film is a tough project for cinematographer and was in all praise for Ramji as Irandaam Ulagam offered plenty of scope and challenges as there were different types of emotions, landscapes, colouring and lightings to capture.

Irandaam Ulagam was produced by the self made billionaire Prasad V Potluri who is one of the rare creed of producers who always want to make good movies. 

The film has lots of Computer Graphics and it is said that 90% of the scenes has some form of CGI and is expected to be a visual treat.
When asked to sum up the movie in one word Selvaragavan said the core of the story of Irandam Ulagam can be summarised as "Miracle". 

Cast & Crew

Movie Title
Irandaam Ulagam
Production Company
PVP Cinema
Pearl V. Potluri
Release Year
Release Date
AryaAnushka SharmaFarouqSathyan SivakumarSonu SoodDelhi GaneshAnu Hasan 
Music Director
Harris Jayaraj, Anirudh Ravichander
Art Director
Dance Choreography
Kalyan, Dinesh
Screen Play
Khola Bhaskar
Movie Colour
164 minutes

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Irandaam Ulagam

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