About Garuda Garvabhangam

Director Padmanabhan shot this film at Pioneer Studios in Calcutta. This film is a mythological tale about Lord Krishna, Krishna's wives Rukmini and SathyaBhama, hist brother Balarama and aide Garuda. The movie was promoted in its song book cover as ‘The best mythological and comical Tamil talkie!'.

Cast & Crew

Movie Title
Garuda Garvabhangam
Production Company
Oriental Films
Release Year
Release Date
R. Padmanaban
M. D. ParthasarathyM. S. MohanambalSerukulathur SamaVidwanSrinivasanT. S. ManiVimalaM. D. Subramania Mudaliar. 
Music Director
Chidambaram Vedhanayagam Sharma
Movie Colour
Black and White

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Garuda Garvabhangam

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